Angkor Wat

"We have rooms in ourselves. Most of them we have not visited yet....From time to time we can find the passage. We find strange things...old phonographs, pictures, books...they belong to us, but it is the first time we have found them.” - Haruki Murakami.

We collect things when we travel. It let us get out of ourselves for a while...

Angkor Wat. I wanted it to rain. For the three days it didn't. On the fourth, when I decided to return to the hotel as opposed to visiting Angkor Wat again, it poured like crazy. The dark clouds swam across and engulfed the entire landscape. It has been nothing but hot and humid. It's strange when it rains. It changes things... reflections become vivid and the scene changes right before your eyes. Here, the kids came out to play... Some walked nonchalantly letting themselves soaked to the skin. Others were running and laughing. A kid and a young lady continued strolling with their push cart of pirated books. The ice man continued to saw at the ice blocks in the rain. Women on scooters continued riding. When was the last time you walked in the rain? I mean really walk? Not running to escape from the rain but walking to enjoy it?

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