Catmasutra at Culture by the Bay Arts Festival

Been busy, busy, busy... preparing for the Culture by the Bay Arts Fair. It's this Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm at the Asian Civilizations Museum grounds. I was thinking how to display the Catmasutra paintings and prints in an open booth with no walls or pillars except 1 table and 2 chairs...!??? I went searching everywhere and bought some stuff to improvise, and I think I'll probably have to bring my 2 very well-worn and paint-stained easels as well. Then what about a banner or a signboard? I was considering different options - print a banner at Bras Brasah, or just paint the words on a board or something... then came a big IDEA! Paint another Catmasutra painting with a signboard in it wahahaha! Once I decided on this, I needed a concept ... and since the fair is out in the open, I thought I'll paint something "cooling" like an old-fashioned ceiling fan haha . Of course, the Catmasutra cat Halo would be the first to take advantage of this... by sleeping on it! So it will be an elevated view looking directly at the signboard - the traditional one with black wood and golden lettering (which I like) - and behind the board is the main hall and the ceiling fan and of course, the cat haha! I'll probably put this on the easel so that nobody misses the Catmasutra booth!

Also, I have stuff like postcards and coasters, mainly from the Catmasutra II and a few from the first Catmasutra exhibition. My place is actually filling up with paintings now and it's bright and cheerful - imagine catmasutra paintings hanging from wall to wall everywhere you turn;) Honestly, it's a bitter sweet feeling when the paintings get sold. It's fantastic, of course, that people appreciate your work and buy them - that really encourages you and sustains you as an artist; the sad part is of course, when they get sold, you're really selling something that you have become very attached to. Maybe prints is the solution to solving some of the heartache although nothing beats the original, haha. I have passed some of my newer works and borrowed a few that my friends bought (so nice to see the originals again, tks guys!) to Art Prints Asia and this guy put them through hi-res scanning and viola! catmasutra art prints! I asked him to give a discount for the Culture by the Bay Arts Fair, and it's better than I hoped for! He's giving a discount and a free upsize!! So if you buy A4, you get A3 and so on... Gotta sleep zzzZZZZ Hope to see you at the fair!!


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