Catmasutra - Got Light?

It was supposed to be of Halo but I chose Angel instead. After all, he's an angel and light is his main resource haha. Angel is a rascal of a cat but he has enough light and humor to see him through. So with him, I can be more experimental! Anyway, this will be his last stick. He's quitting. I'm probably gonna add a big fat apple floating somewhere representing forbidden pleasures. Symbolically, this is about weighing the odds between momentary pleasure and true happiness. Here it is! "Got Light?" a new quirky Catmasutra painting starring Angel, contemplating on the larger issue between temporary pleasures and true happiness. I read somewhere that we're all a contagion, and to a degree, it's true and we're not even sure how our words or actions affect or touch the lives of others. We can be many things to different people, a virus to some, a cure to others, or just a real pain-in-the ass! A good movie about that is probably "Crash", which indicates how connected we all are - just that we don't exactly see how the dots connect. Imagine - for a moment - that you can see all the dots and know exactly what the matrix is! (Ok I just saw Matrix again last night - the first one is still as good as ever). That would be pure enlightenment...Remember, it's not the spoon that bends...

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