Catmasutra - Break time?

Another new piece based on the coffee shop theme. This is what I call coffee! I prefer the authentic local coffee brew, when done properly, tastes as good as any of those served by western coffee chains as Starbucks, TCC or Coffee Bean. I don't mind the latter but on a daily basis - give me that good old kopi-0 any day (also its much more economical). Some foreign workers (from the Western continents) may decry the quality of local coffee, so much so that in their minds, local coffee is just bad coffee. It's just laughable when you hear one such foreign worker shower insults on poor old local and 3-in-1 coffee when the office's espresso coffee machine broke down; how he now has to spend $5 just to get his daily caffeine shot. You know what? Grow up!

Heritage, culture, and the joy of the true kopitiam experience! Kopi with charcoal grilled toast served with butter and kaya and soft boiled eggs, and of course you can have otak too. This is especially evident when you're attempting to paint something that is unique to us. Some of these Catmasutra paintings are a product of this searching. Alas, if we're not going to value what we know is unique to us, then one day they'll become extinct. Shame to all those stall owners who make bad local coffee, especially the food court ones!

And I'm not sure why this pops up in my head, but shame to the power that be that tore down the old national library... Some things, once lost, can never be reclaimed...

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