Catmasutra IV - Got light?

Remember the "art of rebellion" concept? Haha, finally doing the painting. Some changes though... Smoking is not very "happening" nowadays - maybe it's a good thing. Sometimes, it seems smokers are like outcasts or criminals - that's how I always tease my designer - confined to some small forsaken "yellow" corner, like naughty children having to stand outside of the classroom as punishment. Maybe the power that be should just ban smoking just as they did chewing gum. After all, what's worse? Chewing gun that affects the running of our subway trains (it is now folklore that this was the main reason for the ban) or smoking cigarettes? Of course, that's just bad business, with a stick costing more than 50 cents.

Okay, back to Catmasutra paintings...

I'm calling this piece "Got light?", and instead of painting Halo, it'll be Angel instead. After all, he's an angel and light is his main resource haha. Angel is a rascal of a cat but he has enough light and humor to see him through. So with him, I can be more experimental! Anyway, this will be his last stick. He's quitting. I'm probably gonna add a big fat apple floating somewhere representing forbidden pleasures. Symbolically, this is about weighing the odds between momentary pleasure and true happiness.
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