Catmasutra - Masks!

Finally, the catmasutra signboard! I didn't want to be precise but just drew the words free-hand onto the canvas. I like the imperfections as that has always been part of Catmasutra - finding every nook and crevice for the rough and tumble catmasutra cats to appear with their ear-to-ear grins - that in spite of life's imperfections, there is always a positive side, good enough for a smile any time! It's almost like V for Vendetta (love that graphic novel and the movie ain't too bad either), the mask taking on an immense symbolic value. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people" or in typical catmasutra fashion, "People should not be afraid of their lives. Their lives are there for the living!" Easy for the cats to say - they have 9 lives! wahahaah. Maybe we should live as if we have 9 lives - live it for what it's worth!

Spot the similarities!

For catmasutra paintings, I sketch directly on the canvas; the circles are imperfect circles... lines are often not straight. Sometimes there's lot of improvising during the painting process but these imperfections are part of the beauty. Nowadays, with computers and projectors, you can do most things accurately (and I'm a designer myself...) . A case in point was an artist I met whom I've heard has decided to go into prints rather than paint on canvas! The line has indeed blurred haha! But I love paints, and the process of painting. Prints can never compare to the original artwork. The way light "react" to acrylic on canvas is different from the way it reacts to prints, even those on canvas!

Here's a heart warming story about a cat's second life - Snowy, a street cat got hit by a car, and in all accounts would surely be left for dead. Some people would just scream when a street cat brushes past their legs - what hope is there for a hit-and-run case for a street cat? Then there are people like Celeste, who will rush the cat to the vet, and does all that can be done for it, and more... Incredibly, Snowy is getting better albeit very slowly. If you want to help whether financially or find a home for Snowy, check out Celeste Lock's blog.

"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” - James Arthur Baldwin

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