New Catmasutra painting - A dash of Wasabi

We all need a kick in the nose sometimes... just to get the air circulating again. Sometimes, you feel so clogged up that you just wanna lie in bed and stay there, the perfect inertia. Time passes but everything else remains the same - and we'll remain exactly where we are in the same position day after day. Can you imagine fast-rewinding our days and see ourselves repeating ourselves over and over again? Worse, can you imagine fast-forwarding and seeing yourself being photocopied over and over again, becoming more of a carbon-copy each time? If you can, then it's time for that jolt out of our stupor - wasabi! What you need time and again is a dash of catmasutra-inspired, nuclear-powered horse radish that would potentially shoot up and fry your mind if you do not consciously breathe. Yes - breathe and the air may be a little different from yesterday.

There are many gurus nowadays, telling you how the universe will open up for you or conspire to make your dreams come true, if only you attend their seminar or buy their books. Truth is, what we really lack is discipline. It's easy to get inspired. It's sustaining it that matters! I read this somewhere and I thought it makes sense - If you have a talent, you must pursue it. There's no two way about it. It's about preserving your soul, it is that extra something that will keep you inspired, that extra wasabi to keep you disciplined. It follows that it is not okay to stay where you are and be contented with it especially when you realize you're becoming too comfortable. First, you have to find what that desire is. Of course, too much wasabi will just fry your brain!
Angel, the irrepressible inspiration for catmasutra paintings and quirky photo montages! Wasabi as defined by urbanDictionary.com - Commonly used in sushi, but also in various other dishes including sashimi, or to flavor udon, soba, ect. Keep away from the eyes. Do not inhale. Do not attempt to feed to pets. If you exceed the recommended dosage (approx 1/4 teaspoon) seek medical help immediately...

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