paulMysh - Experimental painting style

Trying something a little different here, perhaps something on the side to go in parallel with the catmasutra series. This piece is called "Green Peace". It exhibits the child in us, tied inextricably to nature and feeling the abuse inflicted on our environment. It's as if as we grow older, we drift further and further away from nature... It's a fun, relaxing piece plus a little "green" reminder, fusing together my abstract and illustrative styles. The former is something I experimented with quite extensively a few years back culminating in a paulMysh exhibition done in 2004 . The abstract component is very instinctive and spontaneous and is quite a liberating experience. Of course, if it goes wrong, it goes horribly so.

Through the Catmasutra series, I have become more inclined towards the story-making of a painting; it has the power and irreverence to connect immediately as opposed to much of the pretenses that seem to plague the sanctity of high-priced art. Catmasutra tells a happy story and that the consumption of art should be as necessary as bread. It takes things from all around us and presents a moment in a story that is personal and yet universal (like a quiet moment in the washroom, wahahaha). I remember one gallery owner telling me that my art (catmasutra) is not really "proper" art and implies that it would be that much more difficult to move up in the art world. ..

I guess I'll take my chances...

It's much more fun this way
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