Catmasutra cats - 130 in one room?

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The 130 cats seem to be a model of catmasutra, zen-like, meowing gently, sitting on brightly colored plastic chairs grooming themselves. The cats look good, neither too fat or skinny, clean, confident and contented. All's calm on the Russian front? Well, what it must be like for 130 pairs of ears to tweak in one direction when familiar sounds stream in from across the great divide, we never know. At the opening of the great door of delight, all sutra is banished and queuing is not an option.

Is this madness or compassion? Is this love or addiction? Whatever it is, in the harsh winters, without food and shelter, most of these cats will not survive. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. And the cats have their own lucky stars!! I hope she has a very efficient kitty sewage system though!

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