Of words, design and art

“Without realizing it, the individual composes his life
according to the laws of beauty even in times of
greatest distress.”- Milan Kundera.

I look at pictures more than I read ever since I was a kid. I was interested in writing only as a substitute for composing stuff, piecing bits together, re-arranging parts to make a new whole. Because art was not considered viable then (as is now generally speaking), I used words as colors to create things. In other words, I tend to read and write the same way - visually. I remember searching for new words to add to my toolbox (they call it vocabulary) so that I can begin to paint a nicer picture. On hindsight, this served me well as it helped me academically. For a long time, I have forgotten about art and used words instead. Words have always been more tedious to me, not as immediate or second nature as drawing or painting, but I kept with it because I needed a means of expression... haha I wrote poetry, short stories and probably the highlight was winning third prize in The Golden Point Award some years back haha! Didn't really write very much since.

Design was a logical extension of that process. Learn the tools and you start composing and piecing elements together, re-creating a part of you on the work that you do. Perhaps, that's why design is, to a degree, personal and has a particular style to it. Of course, design is different from art; Design succeeds only if it serves its purpose, which is largely determined by external forces. Sometimes it gets to a degree when designers become fatigued by the process as they lose themselves more and more to the demands and routine of commercialization. It takes a good agency and good clients to continually stimulate designers to really design. Art, to a much larger degree, is about re-creating who you are... and that is the source of its power.
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