Childhood story and the catmasutra cats!

Just bought a bunch of canvases. Time to root around pop culture and rummage through weird places and possibly pull out new treasures to continue the catty tales of Angel and Halo! Tried to paint this weekend but couldn't come up with anything; sometimes you really need to feel it before you can splash paint on the canvas... Haha So I ended up buying more canvases, and staring into them, watching snippets of my imagination struggle to pop out of the white space, and then deflate in resignation. Sometimes I wonder what my cat paintings or catmasutra mean to other people...

My own experience probably stems from the fact that I grew up with cats. My earliest memory is a litter of kittens in the old round rattan chair where my grandma always sat. Since then, there was always a resident or master cat in our home. Of course, these cats were not house cats - they were free to roam wherever and whenever. They were independent individualists, and freedom was their modus operandi. One master cat has a "penthouse" in some crevice of our roof, and I believe it was his love nest! And the way they relaxed and stretched on lazy afternoons and evenings... It was all about making time their best friend based on an uncanny understanding of the more important things in life haha!

Of course, there were times when the master cat had to stand up and be counted as he fought the odd enemy now and then to protect his territory (which is our house and slightly beyond). Towards the last years, he would disappear for long periods and returned three times (as the tale goes) to say goodbye by meowing from the garden. That was the last I've seen of him. Subsequently, I picked up one cat from the street on my way home (or he self-invited himself), and another I brought home from college in the bus hahaha! Perhaps catmasutra is about all those traits I believed (as a child) the cat has and which I hold dear. Indeed, they are the domestic creature most adapted to modern times. Wherever they are, they are capable of being happy and free-spirited!
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