Cats of the World

Three of my photos from the non-collectibles show are now on the walls of the 'Cats of the World' Exhibition, 1-15 August at The Moomba @ Level 2, 52A Circular Road. The exhibition aims to spread the message about the joys of our feline friends and that cats all over the world are the same - lovable and purrrrfect!

"Hutch" slacking while his partner Starsky is out galavanting. This is at the food mall at Bestway Building in the Central Business District Area. I have entire collections of these two cats, and they are one of my favs.

These are the new kids on the block (then anyway when this photo was taken). They appeared out of the blue one day and seems to be from the same litter. There was some upgrading work being done on the site (Hougang 24 Hour kopitiam), so the area was sealed up except for a little opening. That's their gateway to a haven (during the night) as they got total privacy!

This old fella is one of my favs as well. Very calm and confident with people. Obviously the resident cat at the food place (good teochew porridge) around Kovan. "Worldly wisdom" is written all over those eyes! A true catmasutra cat! The above three photos are for sale and all proceeds will go the Cat Welfare Society...

"Cats add a lot of character to their environment," said Dawn Kua, Director of Operations at CWS. "They are neglected and abandoned here in Singapore."

They really shouldn't be. CWS has been trying hard to take care of these strays and one of the many problems they face are people who see the cats as pests! If we do not have compassion for these strays, at least, don't deny them from people who have...

One of the clips from the Non-collectibles exhibition, with special thanks to Concave Scream for their music...
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