Catzophrenia - Caught between the tales!

If you love cats, you wouldn't have to work at loving cats. Then does it follow that you don't really have to work at being with the one who is right for you? Makes perfect sense but many refuse to believe there's such a thing, especially after the heady days wear away. Routine sets in; Everyday becomes stronger. Your energy and patience wane, and the "buts" and "if onlys" get bigger and bigger. There's a saying that if you wonder if a certain person is your other half, then that person is not. Harsh, maybe, but definitely a hint of truth in it. It's like reading a really good book . If you haven't read a book that was meant for you to read, you may think that all books are just that, mediocre. Once your found your book, your enjoyment takes a different dimension and suddenly you know there is a difference. Even then, things don't always work out the way you intended them to...that's life! But once you know the difference, you suspect that your other half exists. Sometimes it comes down to timing - the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time - and that'll screw you over. Sometimes life happens and that's that. But if you don't believe in fairy tales, you'll never find the magic...


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