Soccer and cats

The soccer season is here again! Well, that is about as much TV as I get to see these days! Angel is frustrated 'cause I'm not really into playing with him when there's a game on. Haha At least Liverpool won their game and MU didn't. Double bonus!! Fortunately he was fixated on a fly that unwittingly flew in. Because he was so intense with it, we decided to smack it down just to burst his bubble (haha kidding). Just afraid that he would spend the whole night staring at a speck of black dot on the wall.. OK - it was also to prevent any unforseen chaos during the night.

This fellow is getting his afternoon nap so that he can bug me for cotton buds later on. If the bathroom cabinet is opened, he would be there, stealing cotton buds and throwing them on the floor. One of his favorite games now is for me to slide the cotton bud under the door, and for him to catch it. Well, looking at him sleep is all the motivation I need to hit the sack... Monday ARRGGGGGGHH
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