Recycled Memories

The quality of memory changes, like movies, being edited, filtered, made simpler. We watched them as and when they hit us triggered by the most innocent of things. A corridor. A face. A touch of the hand. The smell of rain. A ride in the taxi. Sometimes, it hits us like a train and then some, touch us lightly, leave us stranded; synapses connect and make us see, hear, feel as if for the first time. Sometimes they fade, and no matter how hard we try, we can't make them out, like subliminal images secretly implanted that refuse to go away. And then we shrug them all aside. The movie ends, and we walk out only to walk back in again and again. If we accumulate enough movies, we may end up walking in circles haha. It's hard to break the cycle, as those movies will always bring you back.

Sorrow is addictive. If you're not careful, like the protagonist, you may end up walking back into the past in order to relive it again. Addictive because most people who travel back in time to reminisce do not come back. We should live in the present as that is all that matters. It's the kind of wisdom that makes sense but may be harder than we imagined. Many people try to move on with their lives but leave a part of themselves back in time, secretly hoping that they could capture what they once felt.

The present should be enough.
It should be enough to make us happy...

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