Another commission I've just finished - this one dedicated to a cat called "baby". Actually, i was a little reluctant to do another commission as I wanted to start work on Catamsutra IV, but this was rather special... hope the owner will be pleased with this painting... fingers crossed. Here's a little about Baby via a letter from the owner.

"Baby was abused before we rescued him and as a result, he was alway terrified of strangers. The only people he tolerated in his life were us. If we had guests over, he hid under the bed till they left... He was also very greedy, a bona fide glutton. He probably never got over being starved and he had no qualms about stealing the other cats' food. When he first came, he was so scranny his ribs stood out... he was intensely loyal to my mother. Even though he was not in the least physically affectionate, he would always keep my mother company in the living room and only when she was done watching TV, would he follow her to the ebdroom every night, without
fail... We miss Baby, my mother in particular though she doesn't mention it. She couldn't bear to watch baby being put down but she was there when he was finally at peace..."

In the photo, Baby's about 4... but he died an old man though... I was supposed to deliver the painting last week but the client was feeling under the weather... So get well soon and hopefully, you'll like the painting!

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