top three rules for an angel cat

The top 3 I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R L I F E of a top cat... in true Catmasutra spirit :

1. Think and live in the present. Past and future are out of our reach. If no one wants to play "fetch" - so be it... though it would be nice if you could just crumple that piece of paper into a nice little ball and hurl it fast and furious just above the surface of the floor like some death-seeking insect...

2. Control your own life. Don't fall into the nice guy trap. Look into my eyes - Learn to say no. If all else fails, just run away especially when you don't want to be hugged to death.

3. Guard time-off by limiting activities (sleep more). I can only pose for so long so if you must, take that photo now. Life's more interesting that way.

Angel zzzZZZZZ
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