Catmasutra II - Peace Accord II

This is the first painting I did of Halo with a Buddha sculpture in Catmasutra. Instead of the fish bone, Halo has a stalk of Lily. This is probably the official beginning of the Buddha Collection. The theme is similar to that of "The Art of Negotiation", which in essence is "about the way we negotiate with something bigger than ourselves, within ourselves" (March 21, 2007). As in all of the Buddha collection, everything is reduced to a basic relationship - the simple things in life and happiness. Here there is an almost enlightened sense of blissfulness and playfulness in the painting. Also, when I painted this piece, I can't help but see the lines of the Buddha sculpture (the eyebrows and the eyes) reflect the trademark look of the Catmasutra cats.

Also, there is some cause for celebration this week as two sets of twins have safely arrived! First it's the 4 M's, Matthew and Megan with proud parents Marcus and May.Then just yesterday (Sat 7.28am, 7.29am), Celestine and Tristan with big papa Tim, and mama Yvonne. Wishing them all lots of love and happiness!
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