Commissioned Catmasutra painting - Where's the Caviar?

Finally finished “Where’s the Caviar?”, a commissioned piece through Utterly Art. Haha – good things come in threes. I’m doing another piece called “Red Red Wine” as well – (hmm… will showcase that in my next entry). For both pieces, the clients love “Night out in the Garden” and wanted the same scheme but of their preferred intoxicants, it seems. This piece is based on one of the world-renowned vintage champagnes by Pol Roger, the outstanding Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill, 1979. Many people like the colors and I’m glad because the deep earthly tones are my favorite (especially the deep red).

You can get the print of “Where’s the Caviar?” at artprintsasia.com (which should be launching soon). There are many pieces that I would love to have them in prints especially those in the first Catmasutra show, as I kinda missed them! Fortunately, I have friends who bought my paintings and they were kind enough to loan me theirs! Okay – time to watch Liverpool vs PSV. Still can’t believe that Man U beat Roma 7-1. Must remember to set the alarm clock – man am I gonna be a zombie tomorrow!