Yaya Papayas!

Everybody needs an angel, a magical mascot that changes the negative into positive. Thinking of writing a book (right now it's an imaginary book) called "Root of all wisdom by Yaya Papaya" (haha a little insider joke...) Just compiling all the little things that makes life worth living, and the proverbial search for the meaning of life. Of course, what makes a life meaningful is different for everyone. Is there a black and white or just shades of grays in between? I used to believe in the latter but if you search hard enough, you'll realize there is a universal "truth". I think the most basic premise is that you must know who you are and what you wanna be. The earlier you figure that out, the easier it is to realize your dreams. For some, it is apparent though it may or not be easy; For others, they just stumble along and "get" it without much effort (think Forest Gump). Then of course, there are people who just can't be bothered by all this - they just get by and do what they're supposed to do - (in Singapore context, many just listen to what the government tells them or succumb to societal norms and pressures). It's like reading an "OK" book without really enjoying it, and believing that that's the extent of it because some "higher power" recommend you that book. Haha and our politicians now want more pay or else no good men will step up and be counted nationally. It's beginning to sound like a broken record, and a never-ending spiral of greed overshadowing the intrinsic value of leading a nation. And we took a bite of the green apple, and what is said will become law before we can say “that sucks!”
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