paulmysh - desk montage 2004

It's quiet tonight. My eyes are tired and there's a slight buzz at the back of my head. Been sleeping late and this terrible headache... Well, this was my mood board on my desk at work some time back in 2004. That seemed like such a long time ago haha...It's different now so it's interesting how it changes. Eyes are really a motif here, well I guess they are really the window to the soul. You can always tell by the eyes, the state of a person's soul I think. I put up these montages all the time, rearranging them, replacing them; There's "The Crow" starring the late Brandon Lee, the matrix Animation postcards, drawings from the movie "Underworld", the really very beautiful eye from "Final fantasy" (next to the mug), my cat Halo, Mysh and friends, catmasutra 1 invite card...
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