Catmasutra painting - Red Red Wine

Another commissioned painting I've just finished. For this piece, I have to fit Halo into a wine glass (so it has to be Halo when she's little). It's actually quite possible with a large wine glass as kittens are really quite small. They grow up very fast, so if you're intending to adopt a kitten - remember to take photos! The client also wanted a rose instead of the trademarked fish bone. The only times when Halo is without her fish bone are when she's in a romantic mood or when she's in the Buddha series (that's when she turns vegetarian as a symbol of respect). You can buy high-resolution print for this painting at artprintsasia.com. They've just launched the site, and if you're a savvy network marketeer, you can participate in their Rewards$ Program. And yes for this painting, I'm also finishing a Hunter Shiraz 1998 McGuigan wine... Haha It's a shame I can't exhibit this in Catmasutra IV coming year end 2007... I really like this piece too!
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