paulMysh has just registered the domain, Dogmasutra- heh! why? Well...

Having grown up with cats, dogs always seem to be on the other side of the equation - two sides of a coin, two different perspectives, two different ways of life! There was once when I did keep a dog (maybe in secondary school). A cool pariah dog that my grandma's friend brought us. Sometimes he would come around in his bicycle and sold us vegetables and fruit and I think my grandma called him "sum po" (skinny). It's different with a dog and I do believe now that anyone who wants to own a dog must go through proper "training school"!

Then we lived in a house and our cats were "picked up" from the streets and they came and went as they please. There was a kind of freedom, a fuss-free-no kitty-litter-to-clear kind of relationship as opposed to a dog, of course, who yearns for company all the time. But dogs are endearing in their own ways ( all dog owners know that), but without proper training, he soon became too much to handle. He was a speedster doggy, running at full speed around the house (that was how we used to play and we were all pretty rough with him, and he just got much bigger and stronger). Grandma was getting older and the situation became difficult.

I could only remember that I was the only person home that day. The van arrived and the man asked me to put the noose around my dog, and they took him away. He looked at me when he was being taken away. It left a bitter taste and I felt that I had betrayed him, and that somehow I was betrayed as well. Ever since, i have not thought about owning a dog...

Well, that's that I guess, and the sutra of dogmasutra is to avoid "dogma", and maybe a tribute to my pariah dog... Well, this painting "furballs" was of my friend's dog and it kinda fits "dogmasutra"... live and let live!
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