Who was that woman?

One of my favorite ads above - Elle Macpherson intimates (from Lürzer's ARCHIVE) Vol.6-2005. Also excerpts from the latest edition, Vol1-2007, a quote from Olivier Altmann, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Conseil, Paris.

"A good creative is someone who puts the right suit on the idea he or she is working with. Creatives can’t be a stickler for elegance or obsessed with trash culture. Like editors, they need to adapt the look and feel of the subject they are working with to the idea that they need to deliver on the brand... They need to think concept before they think media…"

"The creative director is not necessarily the most creative man (or woman) on board. He (or she) is, rather, the person most skilled at drawing out ideas, defending them, detecting them and selling them…"

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